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Greetings and  Blessings to you...

Thank you for visiting my personal site.  It is my Divine  pleasure and purpose, to Inspire your soul through Gospel Music.   Each song is exclusive in its own style and energy for your Spiritual Pleasure. I hope that you can find something in each original track to enhance your mood of Praise.  Enjoy and  let's keep each other and the world-over in PRAYER through JESUS CHRIST our Blessed LORD and SAVIOR.

May the Lord Bless and Keep your Always.


Arie Howard

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New Album!

Whosoever Believes

Instrument Of Warfare and Weapon Of Praise

Album Debut

"Whosoever Believes" is a Christian Gospel album written by Arie Howard over 12 years. "It has taken emotions, time, sweat, money and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring this moment into fruition," says Arie Howard of her new release. 

Her Gospel CD is a compilation of original Holy Spirit inspired songs written by Arie Howard and other ministers. 

​Latest News

Concert Review


Sequitta, F


As far as the concert we had an awesome time with Arie. She's a woman of God. When she came out she really blessed everybody. This is her first CD recording but she has many more to come. I'm just so blessed by her ministry and all those who came out, we had a tremendous time! The main thing was seeing the dancers dancing and flagging. Then an 89 year old woman just got out there to dance and praise the Lord on the stage with her and that really blessed me as well. I'm just so grateful to be able to be there and see her release her CD. This is only the beginning...

Concert Review


Patrick L


Yeah I attended the concert and I thought that Arie was very accomodating and inclusive by bringing everybody's talent to the stage including her own. It just goes to show that she's that type of person who wants everybody to enjoy themselves in the Lord. She has wonderful talent. Arie's a good person, who has a good heart, and that's what I saw at the concert! All of the above is what made me enjoy it even more. 

Concert Review


Matt M

Arie Howard is wonderful. I really felt the anointing tonight. I really enjoyed the performance. She is really good at what she does and I really appreciate her. Thank you very much, God bless.

Concert Review


Laverne A


I was blessed by the concert and I think it was God's gift to me to be here to receive this blessing. I think they did a very good job. This is only the start! There will be another time and I hope that I will be able to come to that as well.  God Bless and thank you very much!


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